Redefining Wellbeing in the Workplace

Team Keas believes that to successfully change behavior, you need to effectively engage people around common, meaningful goals.

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Health Care is Expensive

There's a good chance your employees are unhealthy. It's nothing to be embarrassed about—employers at large companies are paying 36 percent more for health care than they were five years ago—but it is something that can be fixed. The majority of health care costs can be attributed to lifestyle. Lifestyles can be changed, but not without new ways of thinking.

Pricewaterhousecoopers' Health Research Institute estimates that employer medical costs will increase by 8.5 percent in 2012. Employee Wellness Programs are no longer something that are nice to have; they're a must-have. In fact, just having one isn't enough. Keas guarantees success in an industry that's too often defined by empty promises and a predictable relapse to empty carbs.

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Social is Key

We believe the power of the group is the key to creating individual change. The major problem with traditional employee wellness programs is that they’re just new delivery messages for bad news. It’s not that your employees think eating a fast food lunch is good for them; they just need someone on their side to help them make smarter choices.

A recent MIT study showed that participants in online health communities are 166% more likely to change behavior when they receive reinforcement from multiple online health buddies. Keas leverages the power of the team dynamic and, vitally, rewards success with incentives. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, “Less than one in five employees will participate in wellness programs that do not offer rewards. Four in five will participate when incentives are offered."


Productivity is Low

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Disengaged employees cost American employers $370 billion annually in lost productivity. That’s $2.30 for every dollar spent on health care costs and pharma. Of disengaged employees, 54 percent feel that work has a negative impact on their health. How can you expect employees to be emotionally committed to your company and its goals when they feel isolated and unhealthy?

Keas increases productivity with an employee engagement program that is guaranteed to work.

Deployment is Simple

IT departments love it as much as human resources does. There's no new technology needed, no software to download and no administrative headaches. The barrier to entry for employees is little more than choosing a username and password. Creating and publicizing challenges and mining meaningful data is a breeze.

Your employees will embrace it because it approaches behavior change in a realistic manner. Even small changes make a difference. Keas also makes it easy to participate at work, at home or on a mobile phone. Your senior leadership will see it as a proven business benefit. The behavior change that Keas creates is real and it's measurable.


It Works

A pyramid showing the three levels of employee engagement - Security, Belonging & Esteem, Engaged & Succesful

A wellness program that isn’t being used has a zero percent chance to make a difference. Traditional wellness programs aren’t used because they aren’t modeled on the way that people really interact and change. Our customers consistently report healthier habits, an increased interest in health and wellness, weight loss and increased employee happiness.

Keas has a proven track record of employee participation and satisfaction, and we guarantee our success. Our participation rates are over 70% and our satisfaction levels are over 95%.