The Leader in Health & Engagement

Keas guarantees success because our platform is helping change behavior at companies with all types of workforces.

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    Keas' clients include many of Fortune's Top US & Global Companies.

    Pfizer Inc.


    Reed Elsevier Group PLC Inc

    Land O'Lakes

    J.B. Hunt

    Reyes Holdings



    Incapital lowers stress and healthcare costs.

    Incapital is a leading underwriter and wholesale distributor of fixed income securities and structured notes. The Chicago-based organization works through a network of more than 800 broker-dealers, banks and institutions.

    Keas helped people develop healthier habits by increasing awareness for the participants. It created new vision for people.



    Pfizer helps at-risk employees.

    Pfizer, as part of its Healthy Pfizer program, rolled Keas out to all 35,000 U.S.-based employees. Employees connected across worksites and divisions, and Pfizer found that it wasn’t just health nuts meeting their health goals. The challenge saw a major reduction in at-risk employees.

    Over the course of our study, there was statistically significant improvements in employees' behavior and health habits. Importantly, these improvements were seen not just in the already healthy, but in the at-risk population.

    70% said Keas improved their health
    82% said keas improved teamwork and collaboration