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Healthy employees are happy employees. Happy employees are more productive employees.

More employers choose Keas to drive employee engagement, population health, and boost morale and productivity than any other engagement platform.

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Lack of employee engagement is costing you money.

Low employee engagement is the biggest obstacle to behavior change, and unhealthy behaviors cost companies billions. It's time to break the cycle of low employee engagement with Keas.


Keas guarantees employee engagement – or your money back.

If your objective is to drive higher employee engagement, Keas can get you there -- Guaranteed.

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Keas is leading the charge for employee wellness as a business strategy in today’s enterprises. We believe in the power of social interactions and peer motivation to drive healthier, happier employee behaviors, and we stand behind the impact of our solution with the only employee engagement program guarantee in the industry.

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Infographic: Unhappy Workers Are Unhealthy Too

According to a recent Gallup study, “More than half of ‘actively disengaged’ employees say their work lives have a negative impact on their health”.

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How Much Does Obesity Cost Employers?

Obesity isn't just killing the American public; it's killing employers' wallets as well. See how losses in productivity and ballooning medical costs are caused by the ballooning bellies of U.S. adults.  

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Facebook Makes for Better Employees

Not allowed to check your Facebook, post a tweet or pin a new recipe from your desk? Share this infographic with your boss and make the case for a little websurfing in your day.

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Desk Rage: The Telltale Signs of an Overworked Employee

Desk rage isn't just a YouTube sensation; it's a real sign of an overworked employee. Workplace stress isn't hard to spot: the telltale signs might be at the desk next to you or in the mirror. Here's to hoping you don't identify with too many of these...

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